1. Gold-Pearl earrings
  2. One bead earring-burgundy
  3. Golden rombus ring-red beads
  4. Silver round metallic ring-hematite
  5. Purple swarowsky cross with fuchsia ribbon
  6. Fuchsia swarowsky butterly
  7. Silver ring oval metallic silver-black
  8. Red swarowsky hearts
  9. White and green glass bead bracelet
  10. Double long starry earrings

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Lady Jewels - How to care for your jewellery - When you are asked to take a measurment

How to care for your jewellery

It is extremely important to remember that all these items are hand made and some are very delicate.Please keep them safe and protected in the packaging accompanying the items.

As you know, metals oxidise when left in air and this may cause them to loose their shine and become grey or even black. Do not worry about this since you can restore them easily.You can immerse them in any commercially available professional silver bath (follow the instructions on the label) and then rinse well and allow to dry in a clean towel.You can find these silver baths in large supermarkets.

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