1. Golden rombus ring-red beads
  2. Silver stars and pearl earrings
  3. Rice pearls and purse bracelet
  4. Rice pearls-lady bird necklace
  5. Orange coral bracelet
  6. White and green glass bead bracelet
  7. Pale purple heart-leather
  8. One bead earring with green bead
  9. Pink heart-leather
  10. Fuchsia hearts -leather

I recently built up the courage to share with you what I have always used as an escape through different creations more»

Lady Jewels - How to care for your jewellery - When you are asked to take a measurment

Lady Jewels

Lady Jewels

Lady Jewels is this web page mascot. She is the image of the exaggeration of brightness and colour ! She is made of thousands of sparkles and stones,corals,pearls and beads.

Like a true Lady she is of course wearing all her jewellery for a stroll in the woods! Notice she didn’t forget to wear her rings, her bracelet, her earrings and her necklace ! This mascot will bring on these kind of artworks in the future!

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