1. Fuchsia swarowsky butterly
  2. One bead earring with green bead
  3. Silver ring oval metallic silver-black
  4. Fuchsia hearts -leather
  5. Golden rombus ring-red beads
  6. Golden round metallic ring-onyx
  7. Leather bracelet with metals and onyx
  8. Shandelier earrings(silver-purple)
  9. 4-circles-burgundy bead earrings
  10. wonderful series bracelet

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Lady Jewels - How to care for your jewellery - When you are asked to take a measurment

When you are asked to take a measurment

There are some items which you may be asked to provide me with measurements. Such cases may be for necklaces or bracelets.These measurements should be in centimeters and should represent the required FINISHED length of your jewel.

For example, for the young princess, use a string and place it around the neck to the desired length.Take then the string and measure how many centimeters that is.The same applies for bracelets for which you must indicate the centimeters for the loose(as much as you prefer it) bracelet on your wrist.

These measurements are very important  in order to make sure that what you receive fits you perfectly! These items are individually hand made especially for each one of you.

Nothing will give me more pleasure than your satisfaction!

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